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by Ivan M. Obushenko, Ph.D.


The new approach for proving the legendary Fermat'S Last Theorem has been developed by making the proof light, brief, clear and enjoyable. One more advantage has been received from proposed consideration: the calculating algorithm for PC – “ Obushenko-Fermat Machine(TM) ” making the calculation process by fully automated and expendable unlimitedly . The “byproduct” of calculation is a finding of all integer triads fulfilling to the Pythagoras Theorem.

The very "First Shot"
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Pythagoras triads for "c" from 900 to 1000 c^2=a^2 +b^2: c=900 a=252 b=864; c=900 a=540 b=720 c=901 a=60 b=899; c=901 a=424 b=795; c=901 a=451 b=780; c=901 a=476 b=765 c=902 a=198 b=880 c=904 a=120 b=896 c=905 a=95 b=900; c=905 a=464 b=777; c=905 a=543 b=724; c=905 a=616 b=663 c=909 a=180 b=891 c=910 a=224 b=882; c=910 a=350 b=840; c=910 a=462 b=784; c=910 a=546 b=728 c=914 a=336 b=850 c=915 a=165 b=900; c=915 a=408 b=819; c=915 a=549 b=732; c=915 a=621 b=672 c=916 a=240 b=884 c=918 a=432 b=810 c=920 a=552 b=736 c=922 a=522 b=760 c=923 a=355 b=852 c=925 a=43 b=924; c=925 a=259 b=888; c=925 a=285 b=880; c=925 a=300 b=875; c=925 a=520 b=765 c=925 a=533 b=756; c=925 a=555 b=740 c=928 a=640 b=672 c=929 a=129 b=920 c=930 a=558 b=744 c=932 a=420 b=832 c=935 a=143 b=924; c=935 a=396 b=847; c=935 a=440 b=825; c=935 a=561 b=748 c=936 a=360 b=864 c=937 a=215 b=912 c=939 a=75 b=936 c=940 a=564 b=752 c=941 a=580 b=741 c=942 a=510 b=792 c=943 a=207 b=920 c=945 a=567 b=756 c=949 a=301 b=900; c=949 a=365 b=876; c=949 a=420 b=851; c=949 a=624 b=715 c=950 a=266 b=912; c=950 a=570 b=760 c=951 a=225 b=924 c=952 a=448 b=840 c=953 a=615 b=728 c=954 a=504 b=810 c=955 a=573 b=764 c=957 a=660 b=693 c=959 a=616 b=735 c=960 a=576 b=768 c=962 a=62 b=960; c=962 a=312 b=910; c=962 a=370 b=888; c=962 a=638 b=720 c=964 a=480 b=836 c=965 a=124 b=957; c=965 a=387 b=884; c=965 a=475 b=840; c=965 a=579 b=772 c=969 a=456 b=855 c=970 a=88 b=966; c=970 a=186 b=952; c=970 a=582 b=776; c=970 a=650 b=720 c=975 a=108 b=969; c=975 a=240 b=945; c=975 a=273 b=936; c=975 a=375 b=900; c=975 a=495 b=840; c=975 a=585 b=780; c=975 a=612 b=759 c=976 a=176 b=960 c=977 a=248 b=945 c=979 a=429 b=880 c=980 a=588 b=784 c=981 a=540 b=819 c=984 a=216 b=960 c=985 a=140 b=975; c=985 a=473 b=864; c=985 a=591 b=788; c=985 a=696 b=697 c=986 a=264 b=950; c=986 a=310 b=936; c=986 a=464 b=870; c=986 a=680b=714 c=988 a=380 b=912 c=990 a=594 b=792 c=995 a=597 b=796 c=997 a=372 b=925 c=999 a=324 b=945 c=1000 a=280 b=960; c=1000 a=352 b=936; c=1000 a=600 b=800.
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