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Pryvex - the window glass of New Millennium

PRYVEX   the window glass of New Millennium




Introducing PRYVEX TM - the glass of new millennium for your house providing PRIVACY and protection from EXTREME heat irradiation originated by Sun: so "PRYVEX" means "PRIVACY + EXTREME". PRYVEX TM makes invisible the inside of your house including yourself and all members of your family, pets and guests (unless you turn on the light bulb inside on evening/night). PRYVEX TM gives the rest to your eyes and head (migraine), when looking outside on sunny days without any tension. It can be easy mounted without any tool(US invented!) on any existing window (skill is not required).


Do you wish to :

-         give to your house the truly distinguished appearance corresponding to the New Millennium;

- drive yours neighbors-paparazzi-detectives-thievs-spies-etc. to crazy with all their telescopes, binoculars, cameras, camcorders, etc. etc. ;

- feel your-self as protected as in your childhood;

- add some extra strength and security to your window;

- turn your window to the piece of art !



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